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Industries, Sectors, and Applications of Steam

Industries, Sectors, and Applications of industrial Steam

Can industries work and produce in a more efficient way?

Our generators encompass boilers with different levels of power, pressure, and steam flow to meet all needs.


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Solutions in Steam Application

Applications that improve people’s lives, enhance health, and optimize energy usage.


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GICONMES IBERICA engineers have developed countless applications since 1957 based on the principles of Thermodynamics.

These applications span across industrial, healthcare, agricultural, agri-food, construction, and service sectors, aimed at improving people’s lives, health, and work while achieving better energy utilization, with all the human, social, and environmental benefits it entails.

Industries dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAdvantages:

  • Maximum heat transfer capacity.
  • Condensation heating.
  • Fast and uniform heating.
  • Allows heating with green steam (powered by renewable energy)

Industries dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAdvantages:

  • Elimination of almost all pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Reduction of chemical usage and water consumption by up to 80%
  • Creation of a healthy and safe environment.
  • Wide range of applications.

Industries dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAdvantages:

  • Temperature above 100°C.
  • Control of steam/air concentration.
  • Precise control of pressure, time, and temperature.
  • Creation of vacuum as per requirements.


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Energy and Heating industria energia. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Industrial steam plays a crucial role in power generation and heating in various industrial sectors and HVAC systems, thanks to its efficiency and versatility.

Wine Industry industria vinos. Giconmes industrial steam generators

GICONMES’ steam cleaning systems sterilize barrels and tanks regardless of the material they are constructed from, as well as valves and all the winery installations.

Bakery and Pastry industria panaderia bolleria. Giconmes industrial steam generators

GICONMES equipment is essential in achieving the high product quality that our customers obtain.

Textiles industria. Giconmes industrial steam generators

This is the sector where we have historically carried out our business operations.

Cable Manufacturing industria cables. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Utilization of steam for curing cables and improving their mechanical properties and operating temperature.

Sustainable Fuel industria combustible. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Steam is used in carbon capture and utilization processes, where it aids in separating and absorbing carbon dioxide from combustion gases.

Biotechnology CTA 3. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Electric steam boilers from Giconmes are employed in various stages of production and processing of biotechnological products.

Canning Industry industria conservas. Giconmes industrial steam generators

GICONMES designs and develops equipment and processes that are fully tailored to the food industry, taking into account the specific needs and characteristics of each product and sector.

Brewing Sector industria sector cerveza. Giconmes industrial steam generators

GICONMES has hundreds of equipment performing these tasks in the facilities of the main European bottlers, complying with respective regulations.

Facility Management industria gestion industrial. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Mobile steam generators are efficient and versatile tools that play a key role in facility management.

Pharmacy and Healthcare industria farmacia. Giconmes industrial steam generators

The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products is one of the most complex processes in the industrial sector. Therefore, precision is crucial throughout the entire production process.

Metallurgy and Metal Coatings industria metalurgia. Giconmes industrial steam generators

GICONMES steam generators for electrolytic coating processes.

Cheese Production industria queso. Giconmes industrial steam generators

The production of cheese, as well as the dairy industry, involves various processes where the proper supply of steam is crucial.

Shrink Sleeve Packaging industria packaging. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Our generators are used by the most relevant manufacturers of shrink-sleeve packaging lines to supply steam to their packaging machines.

Logistics and Transportation industria logistica. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Cleaning of containers and tanks, sterilization, steam generation, and drying in the transportation industry.

Meat Industry industria carnica. Giconmes industrial steam generators

This encompasses the heating, drying, pre-cooking, sterilization, pasteurization, and cooking of various types of meat such as beef, pork, poultry, etc.

Industries CTA. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Tell us about your specific case and we will offer you a solution tailored exactly to your needs

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Steam and

Here you will find informative articles about steam technology, its application in industry, and different types of related equipment, as well as the latest trends and developments in this field.