Industrial steam generators


Industrial steam generation: processes and benefits

Pure industrial steam generation is essential in manufacturing processes in critical sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals, guaranteeing quality and safety.

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Industrial steam generation plays a key role in the manufacturing processes of many companies.

Its role is essential to prevent problems related to product quality or food safety when we talk about the food or pharmaceutical industry.

There are different types of steam:

  • Process: Process steam can be distributed in saturated or superheated steam, it is a type of steam that is easy to generate and is used in conventional boilers. It is cost-effective, efficient and has low transfer toxicity.
  • Culinary: used for direct injection into the product. It allows the sterilization of surfaces and is carried out by passing the steam from the plant through a high efficiency filter. This type of steam is designed to prevent corrosion and scaling in boilers.
  • Clean: like pure steam, it has no additives, uses a steam generator that is not used for other applications and makes use of purified water or water for injection.
  • Pure: also known as high purity steam, it is very similar to clean steam, but has no bacteria or pyrogens. The form in which it is produced means that it is also classified as sanitary steam according to its design.

Pure industrial steam generation: importance and processes

Pure steam consists of a type of water vapor that does not have any impurities, suspended solids, chemicals or non-condensable gases.

Its importance lies in the fact that it helps to avoid contamination of the final product being processed.

Within the industrial processes in which pure steam is used, we start with the use of industrial steam boilers that generate high quality steam free of impurities. Normally it is necessary that these equipments are manufactured in stainless steel AISI A 316 and the steam is filtered with 5 micron filters. Alternatively, we can use a heat exchanger so that the element to be heated does not come into contact with the steam at any time, ensuring that the element is not altered.

Critical applications requiring high purity steam

High-purity steam or pure steam is used in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals and food, but it also has applications in the chemical industry, power generation and even the automotive industry.

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Strategic advantages of the use of pure steam in industrial processes

There are 2 main strategic advantages why it is worth using pure steam in industrial processes.

1. Avoiding pollutants and minimizing waste

On the one hand, they do not contaminate the final product and help to avoid contact with contaminating surfaces. On the other hand, they allow waste to be minimized in order to achieve greater sustainability in the processes.

2. Improvement in product and process quality.

Pure steam in industrial processes is critical to meet quality standards and sanitary regulations in different industries.

From Giconmes we invite you to consider the importance of industrial steam generation through our electric boilers, thus achieving maximum efficiency in heat generation and a high level of sustainability in industrial processes.