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Cleaning and Disinfection Automation

Automation systems for cleaning and disinfection in industrial environments.Enhance productivity by keeping industrial elements such as conveyors and trays clean and properly functioning. We understand that needs vary greatly and that there is no one-size-fits-all cleaning solution that suits all industries.



All solutions are based on the following four models that we present below. After studying the customer’s needs, we tailor each alternative to ensure the desired functionality of the system. All of them use saturated steam as the cleaning element, which, thanks to its heat power, is capable of eliminating pathogens from surfaces. Additionally, the natural properties of steam contribute to drastically reducing water consumption (in some cases, we achieve a 90% reduction in water usage).

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  • Cleaning of Brush Conveyors KHD Brush System. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Automation for canvas conveyors cleaning. It incorporates a rotating brush inside to facilitate the removal of coarse residue. It is powered by a steam generator, and the dirt is extracted using a high-capacity vacuum cleaner.

  • Brushless Conveyor Cleaning KHD Brushless System 2 scaled. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Automation for canvas conveyors where the residue is not demanding. It is powered by a steam generator, and the residue is extracted with a high-power vacuum cleaner.

  • Conveyor Cleaning - Jet System Jet System2. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    An automation system for cleaning modular conveyors, where a spinner applies high-pressure steam to the conveyor to be sanitized. It is powered by a steam generator of at least 20 kW.

  • Tray Cleaning 5. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Automation system for cleaning trays used in the food sector. The system incorporates a high-pressure jet system to apply steam onto the trays.

Advantages of Cleaning and Disinfection Automation

  • Cleaning Effectiveness: High-temperature and high-pressure steam is extremely effective in removing food residues, grease, and other contaminants adhered to trays.
  • Reduced Water Consumption: Compared to conventional cleaning systems, this system requires 90% less water.
  • Food Hygiene and Safety: It is a highly hygienic method as it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, ensuring food safety.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: These systems can be adapted to clean different types of trays and containers, including varying sizes, shapes, and materials.
  • Time and Labor Savings: Automation enables faster and more efficient cleaning compared to manual methods.
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Cleaning and Disinfection Automation LINE blog. Giconmes industrial steam generators

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