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Conveyor Cleaning – Jet System

An automation system for cleaning modular conveyors, where a spinner applies high-pressure steam to the conveyor to be sanitized. It is powered by a steam generator of at least 20 kW.

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Conveyor Cleaning - Jet System KHD Portable Jet System Mesh Belt Cleaner. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Operation of the Jet System

Removal of residue and reduction of bacteria, molds, and other contaminants in food and industrial environments.

The powerful steam jets deep clean the mesh belt structure without the need for chemicals, resulting in over 90% reduction in water consumption compared to traditional methods.

The Jet System 4 is portable and quickly adjusts to a wide range of conveyor belt sizes for maximum utilization in a factory.

A touchscreen provides quick access to user-friendly controls, stored programs, and advanced features for highly productive cleaning.

ModelJet System
Voltage (VDC)24
Width of the conveyors (mm)Practically any size starting from 300 mm.
Variable speed (mm/s)0-1500 mm per second (approx.)
Weight (kg)19.5 kg for the 1150 mm model.
Steam hosesSilicone-insulated, made of stainless steel
with reinforced high-temperature PTFE.

Cleaning features

Cumulative cleaning action. The head with multiple steam jets moves along the conveyor surface using a linear motor.

Integrated safety thanks to the predetermined “slip under load” motor design.

Touchscreen with multifunction access.

  • Easy start and advanced function selection.
  • Automatic calculation of optimal configuration for complete coverage
  • Steam on/off control and external stop control.
  • Zoning and scrubbing function.
  • Program storage for instant retrieval (20 programs).
  • Timers and repeat option.
  • Configurable parking position.

Advantages of Jet System cleaning conveyors:

  • Increased productivity of manufacturing lines.
  • Savings in maintenance and labor costs.
  • Frees up cleaning and maintenance personnel.
  • Improves sanitation levels by eliminating bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms.
  • Increases the lifespan of the conveyors.
  • Enhances customer perception.

Spinners and optional accessories.

  • A specialized attachment for the Jet System that further accelerates the cleaning process. It can be easily interchanged with any other Jet System head. Operates with the 24VDC power supply provided by the Jet System.
  • The Spinners apply approximately 1,000 jets of saturated steam per minute to the conveyor surface. Together with the sweeping action of the Jet System, these Spinners enhance the cleaning of the conveyor belts.
  • The lightweight technical plastic discs of the Spinner remain cool and are easy to clean The smooth, rounded rotating profile eliminates the safety risks associated with other rotating spray arms.
  • The 180 mm model has a large impact area for easier removal of residues, while the 110 mm model provides concentrated steam force for tougher residues.

Steam boilers compatible with Jet System.

Conveyor Cleaning - Jet System dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsFAQs

We understand that many questions may arise. Here are some of the most common ones.

There are no emissions other than those produced in the electricity production process. Therefore, they can be neutral depending on the electricity mix. Electric steam boilers are indeed the present and the future.

Absolutely. It is even recommended for achieving maximum efficiency There is no problem with remote control as long as current regulations are followed.

A steam generator is a pressure vessel that, along with the associated piping, is subject to regulatory control and complementary technical instructions, as stated in the regulations published in Royal Decree 809/2021, dated September 21st. Its maintenance is divided into a part that can be easily performed by the owner:

  1. Know and apply the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use, safety measures, and maintenance.
  2. Do not put the installation into service or prevent the operation of pressure equipment if the requirements of the regulations are not met.
  3. Maintain at least the following documentation of the pressure equipment while they are installed: Declaration of Conformity, if applicable, manufacturer’s instructions, and, if necessary, installation certificate, along with other supporting documentation (such as Installation Project, record of the last periodic inspection, certifications of equipment repairs or modifications, as well as any other documentation required by the corresponding complementary technical instruction (ITC) of this regulation). Regarding contents, please refer to Annex IV of the regulation. This documentation must be made available to the competent authority of the autonomous community and the companies responsible for maintenance, repair, or periodic inspections.
  4. Use pressure equipment within the operating limits specified by the manufacturer and withdraw them from service if they no longer meet the necessary safety requirements.
  5. Perform maintenance on the installations, pressure equipment, safety accessories, and control devices in accordance with the operating conditions and manufacturer’s instructions, and examine them at least once a year.
  6. Arrange for the necessary periodic inspections as stipulated in Article 6 of the regulation.
  7. Maintain an up-to-date record of pressure equipment belonging to categories I to IV, as defined in RD 709/2015, dated July 24th, or equipment deemed equivalent to these categories according to Article 3.2 of the regulation, as well as their installations.

It is known that by applying heat to water, it transforms into steam at its boiling point under atmospheric pressure. From there, depending on the desired level of steam saturation for its proper application, we may need to increase the pressure in order to achieve higher temperature. To change the temperature and saturation level of steam, we always need to modify the pressure.

A bar is a unit of pressure equivalent to 1 kg/cm2, 0.98 atmospheres, or 14.50 PSI.

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