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Steam generator NGV 60180

An electric steam generator with 3 available configurations. It offers a variable power range of 125 to 180 kW, with three boilers of 60 liters each, and a steam production capacity of up to 240 kg/h.

Steam generator NGV 60180 NGV60180. Giconmes industrial steam generators
Steam generator NGV 60180 NGV60180. Giconmes industrial steam generators
NGV 6060 with Condensate Tank

Features NGV 60180

An electric and automatic steam generator, consisting of three modules with variable power from 20 to 60 kW each (total power ranging from 60 to 180 kW). The NGV 6060 can be directly fed from the network or from a stainless steel tank. Each module is equipped with dual heating elements, allowing the unit to operate at six power levels. The steam pressure ranges from 0.3 to 8.5 bar.

The NGV 6060 is used for various production processes with high steam requirements. Current customers utilize the NGV 6060 for beverage bottling, sterilization in food manufacturing, beer production, bread polishing, and autoclave feeding, among other applications.

Steam generator NGV 60180 settings 2. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsGenerates saturated steam within a temperature range of 140º to 180º C.

Steam generator NGV 60180 link 2. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsSteam pressure range from 0.3 to 8.5 bar.

Steam generator NGV 60180 layout list. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAvailable in 3 configurations according to power needs, ranging from 120 kW to 180 kW.

Steam generator NGV 60180 sliders. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsA 60-liter capacity boiler.(x3).

Steam generator NGV 60180 timer. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsSuitable for production processes with high steam requirements

ModelNGV 60125NGV 60144NGV 60180
Power of the heating elements (kW)20kW (x2)24kW (x2)30kW (x2)
Total power (kW)120144180
Total power (kcal/h)103.20020.64025.800
Steam production (kg/h)160192240
Number of boilers333
Boiler capacity (L)3x60 L3x60 L3x60 L

Why choose an electric steam generator?

  • Quick startup. Steam can be obtained in 5 minutes.
  • Can be fed from the water network or from a stainless steel tank.
  • Safety and efficiency thanks to triple boiler insulation.
  • Can be conveniently located near the application area.
  • No installation project or boiler room is required.
  • The power source can be from sustainable origins.

Steam generator accessories

Custom-designed accessories for each customer.
Optimize operating costs, steam quality, and find solutions to your needs by incorporating the available accessories to your generator. We will be delighted to assist you in selecting the right ones for your requirements!

Industries and Applications for the NGV 60180 Steam Boiler

Steam is used in heating, sterilization, or sanitation processes.
The engineers at Giconmes have been developing numerous applications based on heat transfer through steam since 1957. You can find examples of our solutions in the following case studies

Industrial Steam for Assembly UOMJ8165. Giconmes industrial steam generators

Line Steam Installation for Shoe Production


Steam generator NGV 60180 dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsFAQs

We understand that many questions may arise. Here are some of the most common ones.

There are no emissions other than those produced in the electricity production process. Therefore, they can be neutral depending on the electricity mix. Electric steam boilers are indeed the present and the future.

Absolutely. It is even recommended for achieving maximum efficiency. There is no problem with remote control as long as current regulations are followed.

A steam generator is a pressure vessel that, along with the connected pipe network, is subject to regulatory control and complementary technical instructions, as stated in the regulations published in Royal Decree 809/2021, dated September 21st The maintenance of an electric steam generator is divided into a part that can be easily carried out by the owner:

  1. Familiarize yourself with and apply the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use, safety measures, and maintenance.
  2. Do not put the installation into service or prevent the operation of pressure equipment if they do not meet the requirements of the regulations.
  3. Maintain at least the following documentation of the pressure equipment while they are installed: Declaration of Conformity, if applicable, manufacturer’s instructions, and, if necessary, installation certificate, along with other supporting documentation (such as Installation Project, record of the last periodic inspection, certifications of equipment repairs or modifications, as well as any other documentation required by the corresponding complementary technical instruction (ITC) of this regulation). For detailed information, please refer to Annex IV of the regulation This documentation must be made available to the competent authority of the autonomous community and to the companies responsible for maintenance, repair, or periodic inspections.
  4. Use pressure equipment within the operating limits specified by the manufacturer, and withdraw them from service if they no longer meet the necessary safety requirements
  5. Perform maintenance on the installations, pressure equipment, safety accessories, and control devices in accordance with the operating conditions and manufacturer’s instructions, and examine them at least once a year.
  6. Arrange for the necessary periodic inspections as stipulated in Article 6 of the regulation.
  7. Maintain an up-to-date record of pressure equipment belonging to categories I to IV, as defined in RD 709/2015, dated July 24th, or equipment deemed equivalent to these categories according to Article 3.2 of the regulation, as well as their installations.

It is known that by applying heat to water, it transforms into steam at its boiling point under atmospheric pressure. From there, depending on the desired level of steam saturation for its proper application, we may need to increase the pressure in order to achieve higher temperature. To change the temperature and saturation level of steam, it is indeed necessary to modify the pressure.

It is a unit of pressure equivalent to 1 kg/cm2, 0.98 atmospheres, or 14.50 PSI.

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