Industrial steam generators

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Industrial steam

Giconmes is a leading provider of reliable and efficient steam solutions for various industrial sectors.

From food production to chemical manufacturing and power generation, we have delivered customized solutions that optimize production processes and improve energy efficiency.


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Efficient and High-Quality Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are an essential tool for many industrial processes.


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Companies that have successfully implemented steam boilers in their production processes.

Steam generators that have enabled businesses to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and meet the most demanding quality standards. These success stories demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative solutions and high-quality services to the industry.

Success Stories dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAdvantages:

  • Maximum heat transfer capacity.
  • Condensation heating.
  • Fast and uniform heating.
  • Allows heating with green steam (powered by renewable energy)

Success Stories dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAdvantages:

  • Eliminates the majority of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Reduces chemical usage and water consumption by up to 80%.
  • Creates a healthy and safe environment.
  • Wide range of applications.

Success Stories dot. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsAdvantages:

  • Temperature above 100°C.
  • Precise control of steam/air concentration.
  • Detailed control of pressure, time, and temperature.
  • Creation of vacuum as per requirements.
  • Conveyor Cleaning IMG 3346 scaled. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Vapor-based Conveyor Cleaning System in a Food Company

  • Industrial Steam for Assembly UOMJ8165. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Line Steam Installation for Shoe Production

  • Substrate Disinfection AGV 3D. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Physical disinfection through thermal control (DFTerm)

  • Isotank Cleaning SACIVA. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Isotank Heating System

  • Fuel heating Synhelion. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Steam flow control line

  • Cleaning and disinfection of wine barrels. 30. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Sanitization of barrels.

  • Cleaning of cooling coils bimbo las mercedes 2 scaled. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Installation of a rack with 6 spinners for sanitization of several cooling towers

  • Biomass gasification to obtain biogas 1651222595619 scaled e1692652756889. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Original situation: Challenges posed by the client: Contribution of steam as a gasifying agent for a flexible gasifier installed in a technological laboratory. The biomass gasification is a complex process that requires fully controlled conditions. The objective is to generate syngas from organic waste or biomass surplus to decarbonize your company and give added value…

  • Food industry automation WhatsApp Image 2024 01 18 at 20.50.34 1. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Implementation of an automated steam-powered cleaning system for the conveyors (Brush).

  • Kwanza Sul Slaughterhouse - Angola foto1. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Giconmes has installed two electric steam boilers at the slaughterhouse in Kwanza Sul, Angola. Each of these boilers, with a capacity of 180 kW, is designed to generate more than 250 kg of steam per hour (500 kg/hour in total), thus providing a continuous and powerful source of energy.

  • Steam installation in a canning industry Conservera. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Installation of a 30kW unit manufactured with all components in contact with water in AISI 304 stainless steel in a canning industry.

  • Steam module for CO2 capture GE CO2 Capture. Giconmes industrial steam generators

    Steam generation module with pressure reduction and control system for a CO2 capture system. Steam acts as a gasifying element in the process of separating CO2 from other elements.

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Tell us about your specific case and we will offer you a solution tailored exactly to your needs

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Here you will find informative articles about steam technology, its application in industry, and different types of related equipment, as well as the latest trends and developments in this field.