Industrial steam generators


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Additional revenues with electric steam boilers: introduction to implicit and explicit electric flexibility

Introduction to electrical flexibility mechanisms How to participate in the flex markets? Regarding implicit flexibility, all consumers can participate in the electricity market and implement flexibility in their production process. In the case of explicit flexibility, power generation plants usually participate actively in the grid adjustment markets; however, with the transition to renewable energies, it […]

Industrial decarbonization PERTE: €800m in grants for industrial sustainability

The Spanish government has launched the Strategic Program for Economic Recovery and Transformation(PERTE) for Industrial Decarbonization, as part of its Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. The main objective of this program is to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable and efficient industrial model, in line with the country’s environmental commitments. Its main objectives are […]

Types of industrial steam boilers

There are different types of industrial steam boilers. Industrial boilers are heat generating equipment intended for the conversion of fluids for heat transfer. It is the basis for the operation of many industries for various uses, such as carrying out certain chemical processes in industry, or heating. In this post we will explain what are […]

Electric steam boilers: innovation and sustainability

With the aim of decarbonizing industry, electric steam boilers are gaining an increasing presence in factories. The use of renewable electricity and green technologies allows you to reduce emissions in industrial heating processes, offering an alternative solution to meet your industrial steam generation demand, . Advances in electric steam generator technology Industries use steam for […]

Steam generating equipment: water for boilers

Boiler water In the article we discuss the importance of water treatment in steam generators and boilers. We would like to point out that feed water naturally contains impurities such as gases, mineral compounds and inorganic particles that can negatively affect the performance and service life of steam boilers. These impurities can cause fouling, corrosion […]

Physical disinfection by thermal control (DFTerm®): substrates

Substrate desisfection with steam generators What is a substrate? Substrate is any solid material other than soil, whether natural, synthetic, residual, mineral or organic, which, when placed in a container alone or mixed, allows the anchoring of the plant’s root system and at the same time supports it and may even intervene in its mineral […]