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Giconmes warranty program

All our products enjoy the warranty period granted by Spanish law; however, through the GICONMES WARRANTY PROGRAM (GWP), we offer warranty periods of up to 5 years.

Giconmes warranty program

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Giconmes warranty program (GWP-72)

During a 72-month period from the date of purchase. This period includes the Warranty period as it is not included in the Regulatory Control.

What does our GWP-72 program include?

  • Labor required for the interventions described in the previous point.
  • Inspection according to RD 2060/2008, Level A, on Steam Generator(s) during the first year.
  • Inspections according to RD 2060/2008, Level A, B, and C on Steam Generator(s) throughout the period.
  • All components and maintenance interventions during the period.
  • The Level A inspections, four (4) actions, will be carried out at the recipient’s maintenance facilities.
  • The Level B and C inspections, two (2) actions, will be performed at the maintainer’s facilities.
  • The inspection periods for Level B and C will be covered with replacement equipment.
  • In the event of a shutdown due to equipment failure lasting more than 24 hours, the maintainer will cover the faulty equipment with a replacement unit within a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Transportation of equipment and technician travel expenses will be covered by the maintainer.
  • GWP-72 covers the multi-function steam outlet hoses up to 6 meters in length, except for breakage due to torsion.
  • GWP-72 does not cover lances, guns, connections, implements, accessories, or peripherals not identified among the assets to be maintained.

Download the PDF for more information on the technical assistance service.

All products manufactured and marketed by GICONMES IBERICA, S.L. are covered for twelve (12) months with regards to materials and components. This Warranty applies to any element integrated in the chamber system, steam generator, vacuum cleaner, and accessories that make up the equipment, as well as the necessary labor for potential interventions. In the event that a solution cannot be provided through our “ASSISTANPHONE” option, a replacement unit will be provided to the customer free of charge within 48 hours of the warranty claim during the first year of service. The Warranty start date will be the date of commissioning.

The customer is formally committed to respecting the installation rules, adjustments, and instructions of the equipment (which will be provided at the time of commissioning). The equipment should not be handled by unauthorized personnel Transportation costs are not included.

The warranty only covers components and interventions verified and validated by our technicians. Excluded from the warranty, and therefore borne by the customer, are the costs of spare parts, intervention hours, transportation and travel, in the following cases:

    • Misuse or negligence by the customer/user.

    • Acts of God or force majeure (atmospheric or geological phenomena, etc.) and accidents
      regardless of their origin.

    • Incorrect installation or lack of maintenance.

    • Use of improper chemicals or accumulation of residues (lime, soaps, greases, etc.)
      due to lack of cleaning.

    • Incorrect location or positioning of the equipment.

    • Use of water that does not meet the specifications stated in the manuals.

    • Wear or aesthetic deterioration resulting from normal use.

A fault is defined as any damage, breakage, or failure that prevents the normal operation of the equipment. If the fault is due to misuse or occurs after the warranty period,
the customer will have the option of a replacement unit at their own expense (including transportation, installation, and rental costs). In this regard, GICONMES IBERICA, S.L. offers
a comprehensive rental equipment fleet.

The replacement equipment will have similar or superior characteristics and features compared to the equipment purchased by the customer. All components of the system, except for accessories and implements (hoses, adapters, scrapers, reducers, brushes, pipes, connections, plugs, etc.), are considered replaceable. Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, the costs of replacing these accessories and implements will be borne by the customer

For customers who are not interested in subscribing to our GWP-72 option, GICONMES IBERICA, S.L. offers Technical Assistance Services, which can be scheduled based on specific needs.

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