Industrial steam generators


Electric Steam Generators

Electric boilers are energy transfer devices that generate steam using electric resistances, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency and no emissions of pollutants.

Electric Steam Generators

Main features of electric generators:

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An electric boiler is a type of pressure vessel in which the energy transfer for steam generation is achieved through electric resistances.

These resistances, immersed in the liquid phase of the fluid, transfer all the heat energy, resulting in optimal thermal efficiency.

Electric boilers do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere and, therefore, do not require a chimney for the release of combustion gases.

They also don’t require fuel storage tanks with supply lines, only an electrical connection.

The use of renewable energy sources directly contributes to reducing environmental impact, making it a realistic goal to achieve complete elimination of emissions, thus turning the installation into a neutral or “net zero” system.

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Electrical schematic:

Some advantages of our electric steam generators
compared to other steam production methods are as follows:

Electric Steam Generators Number 1. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsEficiencia:

Even at low utilization levels, the electric alternative is more efficient than fossil fuels, allowing for smaller installation dimensions for the same generation capacity.

Electric Steam Generators Number 2. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsEmisión cero de gases contaminantes:

It is neutral in direct emissions and has the potential to be 100% clean through the use of renewable energy.

Electric Steam Generators Number 3. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsSeguridad:

There is no combustion, smoke emission, or other gases. It also does not require a specialist to operate or a boiler room.

Electric Steam Generators Number 4. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsCoste de mantenimiento:

Structural and mechanical simplicity allows for streamlined and cost-effective maintenance.

Electric Steam Generators Number 5. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsPotencia incremental en función de necesidades (modularidad):

Possibility to configure a generator with multiple independent power options.

Electric Steam Generators Number 6. Giconmes industrial steam generatorsSimplificación de la instalación:

Possibility of installing the electric boiler near the point of steam application, reducing installation costs and inefficiencies in pressure and temperature.

Essential components of an electric steam generator:

Each component performs a specific function in an industrial steam generator, contributing to efficient and safe operation.

Electric Steam Generators LINE. Giconmes industrial steam generators

1 Bottom panel
2 Check valve
3 Rubber holder 3/8″ M – Ø12
4 Isolating switch
5 Pressure switch 2 ÷ 5.5 bar
6 Upper panel
7 Ball valve 1/2″
8 Pressure gauge
9 1/4″ valve for pressure gauge
10 Water feed pilot
11 First resistance switch

12 Boiler switch
13 Voltage presence pilot
14 Complete solenoid valve 230V 50/60Hz
15 Pump PQ81 230/400V – 50Hz – 3Ph
16 Level control gasket
17 Complete automatic level control
18 Boiler resistance 6 ÷ 30 kW
19 Resistance gasket
20 Certified boiler PED
21PED card Boiler
22 drain valve

23 Resistance protection cover
24 Level glass
25 Safety valve 1″ – Pilot for boiler resistance Level valve – Clapet 1/2″
27 Level control valve pair – Second resistance switch
28 Level glass gasket
29 Level glass protection
30 Float level control
31 Level control plate
32 Ampoule for PQM81 pump 230V – 50Hz – 1Ph

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